Hi, my dear. I hope you’re having a good day. Today I’ll try to explain the difference between two concepts – “house” and “home”

A word “house” means a building,where people live in. I…

I’m sophomore now!

Hi,everyone! Today I want to share with you the impressions of my first month of studying!

Well, I had a great summer break and I was quite depressed at the beginning of my second year at LUNN. …

Dear future me, I hope that you’re happy and healthy. All your dreams became true,and now you’re living on Alaska,and working as an English teacher at the local Russian school. You are wealthy and energetic young woman,maybe wife and mother. You worked hard these years,and it all paid off.

I’m still thinking that LUNN American program is a miracle that happened to you some years ago. Your very first professors, Ms.B and Miss Kate believed and supported you all way through. There were a lot of difficulties and hard decisions, but also you enjoyed your studying process. I watched movies,sang songs,cooked traditional American food. I also found true friends and wise teachers, and gained some life experience.

Keep going and stay strong!

New words from “Dracula”

Hello everyone! Today I’d like to share some new words from my PR book “Dracula” by Bram Stoker.

  1. Transcendentalism /transɛnˈdɛntəlɪzəm/-a system developed by Immanuel Kant, based on the idea that, in order to understand the nature of reality, one must first examine and analyse the reasoning process which governs the nature of experience.
  2. Hypnotism /ˈhɪpnətɪzəm/-the study or practice of hypnosis.
  3. Abide /əˈbaɪd/- be unable to tolerate (someone or something).

Story with idioms

When the sun went down, he discovered himself in a dense thicket of the forest. Scotty has never been a good boy; however, he could come across as an intelligent laddie but still a huge troublemaker. His actions were controversial, his words – campy though absent-minded. The…

Symbols in “Dracula”

Hi guys! Today I want to share some of the most interesting symbols that I’ve noticed on my PR book.

“Dracula” is very mystic and classic novel,and it’s obvious that author used some details to make the plot more authentic. Here is some of it:

A little silver whistle- Dr Van Helsing have one to protect himself from hazardous power of Dracula. It is well know that silver cross,gun or bullets could kill evil.

A wreath of withered garlic blossoms.- Here’s another thing that could be dangerous for vampire- garlic. The smell and juice of garlic could save your life,if you put it on your bedroom door or on your neck.

Well, if only I had a single chance to meet Dracula,I’d like to ask him this 3 questions:

Does he feel guilt about all of the disgusting things that he have done?

Does he love somebody in sincere way?

Does he want to become a Christian and be baptised?

And here I have some new words:

To shrink from smth [ʃrɪŋk] – to avoid smth (уклоняться, уходить от)

to dread [drɛd] – to feel extremely worried or frightened about something that is going to happen or that might happen (опасаться, страшиться)

unconsciously [ənˈkɑnʃəsli] – without being aware of what you are doing (неосознанно, бессознательно)

outrageous [aʊtˈreɪdʒəs] – shocking and morally unacceptable (возмутительно)

one’s heart sinks [hɑɚt] [sɪŋks] – to feel disappointed or to lose hope

Hi,friends! Today I want to talk about some interesting things that happened to me.


Firstly,let’s talk about the coolest topic of the whole semester- food. I learned a lot of cool vocabulary and idioms. Also, I refreshed my knowledge about names of different kinds of meat,fish,pastries, and dairy products. I…

  1. Describe Andy Sachs before she got the job at Runway.- Well, Andy wasn’t really involved in the world of fashion. I would say that she wasn’t stylish at all. Andy was a very talented young journalist, too ambitious to care about her old-fashioned skirt or a sloppy sweater that looked…

I’ve always been interested in psychology,particularly in a huge variety personalities. Last year I was obsessed with tests, similar to one I’ve finished today.

Well, it took me about 25 minutes to complete. I was very serious and concentrated about my answers, and it turned out that my personality type…

Udalova Olga

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